Friday, February 29, 2008


I think all of us had a great last night at the workshop. We all went out for sushi and watched every one's amazing projects for several hours. It was really incredible to see how far all the photographers progressed in just a few days. It was very inspiring, and I can't wait to go back next year. Everyone is ridiculously nice, talented and ready to party. I loved it. Below is the slideshow I did, along with a few shots from Erin, Allegra and Tyler, of photographing the photographers.

I'm at the Dallas airport now waiting for my flight to Puerto Rico. I'm a little tired, but ready to start this wedding season. The workshop was a great warm-up for me. Thanks everyone for such a good time.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I went out to a truck stop today in Anna, Texas to photograph Ray from Apertura. He's going to have a great project.

The lady he was shooting

It was a long day yesterday, with lots of shooting and tough critiques. We ended the night around 5 am at IHOP. Here are a few frames from the day. We're working on getting an official Foundation Workshop blog going, so I'll post that link when it goes up. And yes, I love reflections and also finding new ways to photograph Mark Adams (above). The man just can't take a bad picture.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We spent the first part of the day watching some great slide shows from Emilie Sommer, Mark Adams and Greg Gibson. The second part of the day was spent shooting, first each other (surprise, surprise) and then to a skate park. Tomorrow the real storytelling begins with people heading out all across the the Dallas area and even Oklahoma. I think this is when we all say a collective "YEEEHHHAAWWW" and get shooting for real.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dallas, TX

The Foundation Workshop started here today in Texas and I'm helping Huy (above) by photographing the photographers while they are photographing their stories. I know, it's kind of confusing. There are so many photographers here that I know and love. It's going to be a fun week as long as I can get some sleep at some point. The nights are known to go very late here.

We didn't get to photograph Tamra's bridal session because of the weather, but we're working on doing that later this Spring in San Francisco. But I still got to hang out with Tamra and Chris a lot. They showed me around downtown Dallas, took me to their incredible restaurant Hibiscus and even to a wine tasting. Thanks guys for the southern hospitality!

David Murray and Amy Deputy

My San Fran amiga Anna Kuperberg

Ray from Apertura

Erwin from Apertura

Joe Dickie, who is tag-teaming the workshop with me

Anna and David

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friends, weddings and Diego the seagul

Brett is visiting this week, so Dave and I took him around the city yesterday photographing like tourists, eating French food and drinking cosmos in dive bars. I haven't been blogging too much lately, but that will change starting next week when the shooting kicks into high gear for me. I fly to Dallas for Tamra's bridal session next Thursday and after that will be working at Huy's Foundation Workshop for a few days. From there I'll be heading to Puerto Rico for Sarah and Dan's wedding and then it will be a pretty wild ride until the end of the year with weddings all over the country and beyond.

But before the weddings begin this year, below is a series of collages from every couple I photographed last year. We designed it to be a calendar, but I never convinced myself people actually use paper calendars anymore, so the design will go into an album instead. But if you would still like a calendar, send me an email and I'll make one for you.

Dave in the Mission

Brett in the Haight

Dave at the GG

A runner