Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dallas, TX

The Foundation Workshop started here today in Texas and I'm helping Huy (above) by photographing the photographers while they are photographing their stories. I know, it's kind of confusing. There are so many photographers here that I know and love. It's going to be a fun week as long as I can get some sleep at some point. The nights are known to go very late here.

We didn't get to photograph Tamra's bridal session because of the weather, but we're working on doing that later this Spring in San Francisco. But I still got to hang out with Tamra and Chris a lot. They showed me around downtown Dallas, took me to their incredible restaurant Hibiscus and even to a wine tasting. Thanks guys for the southern hospitality!

David Murray and Amy Deputy

My San Fran amiga Anna Kuperberg

Ray from Apertura

Erwin from Apertura

Joe Dickie, who is tag-teaming the workshop with me

Anna and David
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