Thursday, August 31, 2006

When I was younger, I definitely wanted to be a rock star. Or at least a roadie. So when local musician/composer Kathy Haggerty called me a couple of weeks ago to take a new photograph for her Web site and possible album, I figured that would be the closest I could get to stockyards of cocaine and groupies named "Feather". For the record, Kathy doesn't do the white powder, but I'm sure she has groupies. Her music has been described as "Enya on acid," but I would rather listen to Kathy any day over Enya. Here's one shot that didn't make the cut, but if Kathy ever wants to switch to country music, I think she's got the look. You can hear Kathy's music at

Ronny and Andy flew out to Santa Fe from Boston to finish up some last-minute plans to their November wedding, and decided to have an engagement session while they were out here. I've never seen a couple have this much fun together. We ran all around downtown Santa Fe, and even out to Tesuque where they climbed the walls overlooking the highway (below).

Despite the fact Ronny keeps threatening to steal my cat Mary Jo so that her cat Diego can have some company, I'm really looking forward to their wedding at the Loretto Chapel. I would bet anyone they won't be able to make it through the ceremony without getting hysterical. I can't wait for November 4th.

Brooklyn was definitely in the house last Saturday. Leigh and Jake, two of the most beautiful people on the planet, brought all their friends from New York City and threw one awesome party at La Posada. They ended up getting married twice - once by Jake's brother (who wasn't quite official enough for New Mexico's laws) and also by Santa Fe's own Judge Anaya. This was the first time I've seen that before, and I'm sure Jake didn't mind getting two first kisses from his new bride.

Once the reception started, everyone found their
dancing groove (even the keyboard player). This
was one of those nights that could have gone on until six in the morning, and I would have been happy. You can see the slideshow from the day (and night) here:

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