Thursday, August 24, 2006

Kystal and Joshua's wedding took me to Albuquerque for the second weekend in a row. I got to shoot Krystal and Joshua's engagement session a few weeks ago, so I knew they were a fun couple. The day of their engagement session, we had one of our now-familiar monsoon afternoons. Not many couples would be up for spending an afternoon running around in the rain for me, but they were. Here's one of their shots (above).

So, much like their engagement session, it rained on us for the wedding day (which I hear all the time is good luck). The ceremony got moved from outside overlooking the mountains into the hallway of the new Sandia Resort. The scene was a lot more private than you might think, considering the entire University of New Mexico marching band and cheerleading squad was running around everywhere with their tubas and pom poms. "I hate cheerleaders," I heard Krystal say as we walked to the ceremony.

Even though the ceremony got moved inside, it went really well. Krystal and Joshua were even serenaded by Krystal's brother and his friend playing guitars to a Boxcar Racer song. After the ceremony, we spent some time out in the rain to get some portraits. Here is one as the sun went down.

The party, while a little more tame than Erin and Daniel's (see below), was a lot of fun. Everyone in Krystal’s family is awesome on the dance floor, and her sister seemed to know every word to every song played that night. I was pretty impressed by the entire group. Here's Krystal getting sandwiched by Joshua's friends Saturday Night Live-style. Cool night. Cool couple. Here's a link to their slideshow.

This weekend I'm here in Santa Fe for an engagement session and a wedding. I'm also going to help my good friend (and photographer) Michael Cody move his television and bed into a new apartment. If anyone wants to watch two men try to drop a mattress out of a two-story window, feel free to stop by. It should be amusing, if nothing else.
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