Friday, May 04, 2007

Coachella + Phoenix + Denver

I've spent the last two weeks driving across the Southwest with Laura, going to concerts and visiting friends. It's been a really fun last hurrah before the wedding season kicks in next week. Starting next weekend, I'll have a wedding nearly every Saturday until the end of November. But until then, here are some photos from Coachella, the three-day music festival in southern California, where Laura and I camped with 15,000 thousand people by night, and listened to our favorite indie bands with 180,000 people by day. It was our third year at Coachella, and we'll probably be back next year. Hopefully in a condo with a pool.

Laura with her boy toys:Rufus Wainwright:
In the crowd watching The Decemberists:
With our friend Devin from San Diego:
The Dome:
We then went to Phoenix to stay with our friends Sarah and Eric, and visit with Bill and Kevin. I love visiting Phoenix. The sushi is great and Eric (below) always takes us to the wackiest bars.

And on Wednesday I drove up to Denver to see Grant-Lee Phillips and my amigos Sam, Pari, Stacey and Eric. I photographed Stacey and Eric's wedding last Fall in Mexico and we've all been hanging out ever since. After the show, we went to the Thin Man bar, where Stacey and Eric first met. Stacey was taking pictures of her coffee and cigarettes and Eric was at the bar surfing the Internet. Stacey pointed the camera towards Eric, he waved at her and after a few months of non-official dating, they were a couple. Cool story. Cool couple. Thanks everyone for the fun two weeks. And a big thanks to Sam for the Grant-Lee tape. It's found a home.

Stacey and Eric:
Sam and Grant:
All of us:
After the bar ... :
... and on the ground:
Eric driving home:

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