Friday, December 22, 2006

After 38 weddings, I can now say I'm done for the year. And Saturday's ceremony in Los Angeles was an epic finale. Amber and Adam got married in a plush French restaurant in West Hollywood called Ortolan, and gave their guests an incredible nine-course meal, a few drunken toasts and a visit from their dog. At 2 in the morning, we ended up getting kicked out of the pool area of the Hotel Bel Air in Beverly Hills for trying to take pictures on the way to their hotel room. It was a very cool way to end the year ("fighting the man," as Adam called it), and I'm really glad I got to be there. In a few hours, Amber and Adam will be driving across the country to start a new life in Ohio and I wish them the best. I also wish Ohio the best, because I have a feeling the newlyweds are going to teach the Buckeyes a thing or two about being from southern California.

To see their slideshow, just click here:

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