Friday, September 21, 2007

Music week
Denver + Santa Fe

Laura and I spent much of the week in Denver visiting friends and seeing concerts. Monday night was LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire at Red Rocks. To make sure we would be in the front row, our friend Sam (with the beard) got to Red Rocks at 5 a.m. to be the first in line.

The lead singer of Arcade Fire came out and sang right in front of us.

Stacey and Eric, whose wedding I photographed last year in Mexico, also came out to the show. They just announced they will be having their first child next year, which is really exciting news.
The next night we saw The National, which is touring behind this year's best album in my humble opinion, Boxer.

We returned to Santa Fe on Wednesday and got to see an Austin band called Voxtrot. They are awesome, as well. The band just put up the first photo on their myspace page.

In other news, the WPJA announced the awards for the second quarter yesterday, and I ended up placing third overall. MJ and Mike (below) really helped out, with three of the photos coming from their wedding and engagement session. My buddies Erwin with Apertura and Matt also came in the Top 10. Brett, Vlad and Eric also had wins. Nice job guys!

I have a wedding tomorrow in Albuquerque, and then we're off to New York on Sunday for an engagement session and meetings. So Mike and Carlos, we'll see you at the sake bar.
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