Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New York was great! It was a really short trip, but I got to hang out with so many friends, including Caleb (second from right), who I hadn't seen since I was 11. We were best friends in preschool and elementary school, but lost touch after I moved away. We reconnected through Google within the last year, and it's pretty amazing how many things we have in common, like music and cameras. His lovely wife Heather (far right) even took dance class with my sister over 19 years ago. We all went out to sushi last night in Manhattan, along with my ├╝ber-cool amigos John (below) and Sarah (below him). And, Leigh (far left) and Jake also came out from Brooklyn. I photographed Leigh and Jake's wedding last year in Santa Fe and am always so thrilled when I get to see a couple happily married. Caleb and Jake are both film students at Columbia, too. Small, small world.

John at work:
Sarah at skeeball at the Aces bar:
Leigh and Jake catching a cab:

I'm in Colorado now working with my old boss Barry on some shots for his newspaper. I even shot a basketball game tonight, which I hadn't done in a long time. It'd definitely been a fun 48 hours, going from the big city to the small town without much sleep at all.

So g'night from the snowy plains of Colorado.
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