Thursday, October 05, 2006

Viva Mexico!

I flew into Mexico City today where a taxi driver was waiting for me outside of Customs with a big sign with my name on it. We took off through the megalopolis (that's a real word I found in Wikipedia) down to Cuernavaca, which is an hour and a half south. Starting Monday I'll be hitting the Spanish books for six hours a day. But tonight was just about getting settled in, and I absolutely have the best Senora in Mexico for a host. As soon as I got here I was eating enchiladas, having complete conversations in Spanish (with the help of three different dictionaries) and smoking Marlboros (although I don't smoke, I don't generally turn cigarettes down either).

My room here is actually a completely separate apartment overlooking a pool and the jungle. And I have a very fast Internet connection here as well, which completely made my day. My phone isn't quite working yet, but feel free to send anything my way through email. Off to bed now. Up at 7 am for the school's orientation. Buenos noches.
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