Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm having an amazing time here in Mexico. My Spanish teachers are wonderful, my new friends couldn't be nicer and I've learned so much about the history of Mexico by visiting the museums and nearby cities. I've climbed pyramids, walked around Mexico City, eaten plenty of street tacos after several nights of tequila and somehow managed to memorize a few verbs. I was even lucky enough to photograph a wedding during a weekend trip to Tasco, Mexico.

My friends Mike (from Germany) and Rachel (from Hawaii) and I were walking around the center of town when we saw the bride and groom drive up. They didn't have an official photographer, so I just worked like I usually do. No one seemed to mind, and the bride seemed to like that I was there, although she had no idea who I was.

After the wedding, I gave her my card before she drove off with her new husband. I hope she finds me so I can give her some prints. It was an amazing experience for me to photograph an authentic Mexican wedding in the heart of the country. I would love to work here more.

I've got to study some past-tense verbs right now, but I'll try to post again before I return home next week.

Buenos noches.
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