Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm always going to remember Melissa and Tony’s wedding day because it was the wedding I almost didn’t shoot. About a year ago, Melissa and Tony drove down to Santa Fe from Denver. Laura and I took them out to dinner and we had such a good time at MuDu Noodles, we never even got around to talking about their wedding details. I didn't hear back from them for a few months, and a bit disappointed, I figured they had found another photographer. Finally, I got a call from Tony asking me if I knew of any good DJs. Before we hung up, I asked him who his photographer was going to be. Confused, he said "You're my photographer." Uh oh. To be fair to all couples, I can only reserve a date with a contract and a retainer fee. I guess I forgot to tell Melissa and Tony that, though. So they had assumed I was going to be their photographer the whole time, but I was going to be meeting with another bride later that week about booking their date. After a few quick, nervous phone calls to the other bride, we got everything straight. I found the other bride an awesome photographer, my friend Brett Butterstein. So in the end, I got to shoot Melissa and Tony’s wedding at the Inn at Loretto. The ceremony was beautiful and afterwards we found some incredible light at sunset for portraits. I guess I made Melissa and Tony late for their grand entrance to the reception because I had an anxious message on my cell phone asking me where we were because the DJ was waiting. But I think it was worth it (sorry Dan) because nothing beats the light in Santa Fe.

And here’s the slideshow:
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