Friday, April 04, 2008

Shelli + Brian | Phoenix, Arizona wedding

I first met Shelli and Bryan about two years ago at the wedding of Shelli's brother Philip and his wife Julie in New York City. I'm always thrilled to go back to Phoenix, especially when it's not too hot. Shelli and Brian's wedding went perfectly, and Shelli's beautiful smile and personality completely lit up every room she was in. Mi amigo Sergio from Tucson photographed the entire day with me, and did an incredible job, especially on the dance floor. Several of the frames in the slide show, which you can see above, are from Sergio. Shelli and Brian are in Hawaii now, and luckily were able to book a flight home after the airline craziness. I can't wait to see them again, especially since they are practically neighbors of mine here in the Bay.

Vlad and I are heading out to Antigua on Sunday for an elopement next week, so I might be out of email's reach for a couple days. But as always, you can reach Nathalie here at the studio. Her email is nathalie at benchrisman dot com.

Sergio's photo:

Julie and Philip

And one more from Sergio:

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