Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yesterday I said goodbye to my friends Cofi, Aaron and Amy, who left Oaxaca to go to Mexico City to catch their flights home. Aaron and Cofi (above) met here in Mexico the day before Christmas, and have been traveling together ever since. I've had a great time photographing their relationship since my first night here on Super Bowl Sunday. On Thursday, they have to finally say goodbye to each other and go home to Nova Scotia (Cofi) and Oregon (Aaron). I wish I could be there to see it, but I'm counting on Amy to take some pictures for me. I'm sure there will be tears. Hasta luego, mis amigos.

Amy, her boyfriend Chel and a little girl from France:
Cofi and Aaron in San Agustinillo:
La playa de San Agustinillo:
On the way home:
My friend Jorg, who is a musician from Germany:
Rob and Jessica, two insane, freight-train riding travelers from Vancouver, Canada:
La playa, tambien.
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